News & Announcements

The Board of Directors for the Association of Illinois Middle-Grade Schools is proposing changes to the AIMS constitution. The constitution, containing proposed revisions, can be viewed here.

AIMS members will be sent an email version of the constitution with proposed changes as well as a ballot indicating support or non-support for the revisions. Members should complete and return the ballot upon receipt.

The Association of Illinois Middle Grade Schools (AIMS) is accepting applications from schools seeking to pursue designation as an Illinois Horizon School to Watch (IHSTW) during the course of the 2016-17 academic year.

Information on  Illinois Horizon Schools to Watch can be found be clicking on “Schools to Watch” at the top of this page.

If you are interested in hearing more about this designation or would like to discuss the application process, please contact:

John Viano
Executive Director
Association of Illinois Illinois Middle-Grade Schools (AIMS)

The AIMS Board of Directors would like to make you aware of the reason you have not received a ballot for election of officers for next year. The Board will be submitting some proposed changes to the AIMS Constitution having to do with Board composition at the Annual Meeting, which will be conducted at the Summer SPLASH on June 14, 2016. Those changes also will be distributed to members through e-mail and available on the AIMS website for 30 days after the Annual Meeting. Voting on the proposals will continue for 30 days, as required. Members should watch for a ballot at the e-mail address to which this message has been sent. (more…)

The AIMS Summer Splash program on June 14 will feature a variety of small group presentation sessions designed to reinforce the theme of “Educating the New Millennium Adolescent”.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Bradley will lead conversations in small group settings that will cover a brain based paradigm intervention program for teens. Dr. Bradley will also facilitate an interactive problem solving discussion for middle level educators. (more…)