Jill Beauregard
Jill BeauregardGetting Techy in Explo
I’m in my 14th year of teaching at Gregory Middle School, an Illinois Horizon School to Watch. While I have taught several core subjects in the past, I am currently my school’s art teacher and technology liaison. I have a passion for drawing and painting, but I also enjoy giving my art lessons a facelift with various modes of technology.
Donna Bochat and Traci WhiteWhat's My Line, and How Does it Fit?
Donna Bochat, is presently an Instructional Coach at Leman Middle School in West Chicago. She has supported teachers in their content area for the past 6 years, and most recently is assisting Exploratory classes in curriculum design, using the framework Understanding by Design, (Grant Wiggins and Jay McTigh).

Traci White is currently a 6th grade Career Exploration teacher at Leman Middle School in District 33, West Chicago. She has had the privilege of teaching various grade levels throughout her career, with over 20 years teaching 7th grade ELA. Guiding students in various career exploration experiences, to encourage them to begin thinking about and planning for their futures, is exciting!

Julia Colombo Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB): Choice-based Art at the Middle School Level
Julia Colombo has been teaching middle school students for almost 20 years, first as an ELA teacher and more recently, as an exploratory art teacher. In addition to her teaching degree, she holds degrees in studio art (BA, DePaul University) and art history (MA, Syracuse University), all of which have helped shape her educational approach. Three years ago, she transformed her traditional art classroom into a choice-based TAB classroom and hasn’t looked back since. When she’s not teaching or doing something art-related, she’s spending time with her family or working on her doctorate in Learning Design and Leadership at the University of Illinois.
Nick Duda
Nick DudaProgramming using Scratch and 3D Design in TinkerCAD
I have been teaching for 9 years. I have taught 5th grade, Language Arts, Science, and now STEM Foundations and Innovations. I am certified to teach Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, ESL, and Technology. I have my Master’s of Science in Education and Bachelor’s of Science in Conservation Social Science. My previous career was working for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce where I was the Assistant Manager, Business Development. Among many of my responsibilities I was in charge of the database, website, creating marketing materials, residential greeter program, and a Business-to-Business leads group.
Kelly Dimidik, Tony Wesolowski, and Ana Burnopp
Kelly Dimidik, Tony Wesolowski, and Ana BurnoppThe 21st Century Skills Trifecta
Kelly Dimidik – Instrumental Music Teacher 22 years, Mother of three, Outdoor enthusiast.
Tony Wesolowski – Physical Education Teacher 26 Years, Coach, Uncle, Aspiring Author. @CoachWes204
Ana Burnopp – Health Education teacher for 15 years, Health Advocate, Mother of three, Wife, Cubs fan. @MrsBurnopp
Sonja Dziedzic and Erich Marx
Sonja Dziedzic and Erich MarxUsing Technology to Clone Yourself
Sonja Dziedzic is an art teacher at Emerson Middle School and Visual Art Curriculum Specialist in Park Ridge-Niles, District 64. She teaches 6th and 7th grade art, Modified Art and 8th grade art electives including darkroom Photography, Painting/Drawing, Sculpture/Ceramics and Art Materials/Printmaking. Her instructional practices utilize technology to empower self-directed student learning, increase differentiation, emphasize “gradual release of responsibility” and “student choice” in the process of art making.
Paul Francis
Paul FrancisTeaching Game Design with GameMaker Studio 2
I went to school at Bethel University in St. Paul Minnesota. I’ve been teaching middle social studies since 2006. I recently made the switch to teach Game Design and Web Design. I have been at Leman Middle school since 2012.
M. Ivette Loza
M. Ivette LozaMeaningful Scheduling
M. Ivette Loza is a seventeen-year language arts teacher who began teaching at Little Village Academy, Chicago Public Schools. She is currently the Middle Years Programme IB Coordinator at Little Village Academy. She is committed and passionate about ensuring that a nurturing learning environment is conducive to providing social and emotional support. She has served on various school improvement teams, a mentor teacher, and has played an active role in the transformation of middle school. She has presented at regional and national conferences around best practices in literacy instruction, co-teaching and enhancing advisory programs to promote connectedness. Ivette was also honored in 2011 by the Golden Apple Foundation “For Demonstrated Excellence in Teaching”.
Linda Rooney and Kelsey Mangler
Linda Rooney and Kelsey ManglerCircle Painting for All
Linda Rooney has a B.S. in Art Education from the Pennsylvania State University and seventeen years of teaching experience. Kelsey Mangler has a B.F.A. in Art Education from the University of Illinois and six years of teaching experience. They both teach sixth through eighth grade art at Leman Middle School.
Cynthia Sanchez
Cynthia Sanchez Meaningful Scheduling
Cynthia Sanchez is a fifteen year veteran teacher who began teaching at Little Village Academy, Chicago Public Schools. She is currently in a new role as an exploratory World Language teacher and the schools science coach. Prior to teaching world language, she was a passionate science teacher, who shared her love for science through a safe and fun learning environment. Cynthia has presented at regional and national conferences and taken on NGSS professional leadership roles. Providing teachers with effective professional development is what drives Cynthia in her trainings.
 Matthew Wood
Matthew WoodCivics in the Middle
Matt has been a teacher in West Chicago since 2007, working mainly with 8th graders on the subject of social studies. This year he has joined with the McCormick Foundation to work as Middle School Mentor teacher for middles schools located in Western Cook, DuPage, Kane, and Dekalb counties, where he provides PD to schools working on implementing the new Illinois Civics mandate.