All School Advisory: Giving ALL students a voice!

At the December Network Institute, educators across the state shared their knowledge during a meaningful day of professional development at National Louis University. Presenters varied from classroom teachers to those in administration. One of these presenters was Michael Cox, an Assistant Principal at Stevenson Middle School. Michael’s presentation on the all school advisory implemented at his school provides us with an opportunity to reflect on ways we can strengthen advisory programs in our own schools and give students more freedom to engage in a positive way with the school community. To view the presentation and learn more about this awesome experience for students, click the link below.

Check-out the presentation HERE.

This is my fourth year as AP of Stevenson Middle School. Before that, I was the dean of students at Stevenson for three years. I have spent my entire educational career dedicated to best practices relating to PBIS. Before becoming an administrator, I had 12 years as a teacher in CPS where I became a PBIS chairperson. This is where I began my passion for climate and culture.