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Personalizing Products, Pacing, and Content in Language Arts

A few years ago, my school district began the implementation of personalized learning. At first, I was incredibly intimidated by the concept. The idea of having my students work on completely different things, all at their own pace, didn’t seem [...]

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Personalized Learning in the ELA Classroom

Take your ELA class to the next level by incorporating more student choice and voice to increase engagement. Involve your students in the learning process from the start of instruction through summative assessment and reflection to increase student ownership. [...]

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Academic Excellence Through Social Equity: Reducing the Achievement Gap by Lowering Barriers and Providing Support for All

Learn how leaders at Hadley Jr. High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois employed strategies to close the achievement gap between different student groups. See how the school saw gains in student performance from a systemic approach using the Schools [...]

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Change Your Students’ Mindsets Using Student Portfolios and Student-Led Conferences

Learn strategies and tools that will transform students’ attitudes from “I can’t” to “Yes, I can!” View Presentation Tracy Fuentes is a Bilingual 6th-8th grade teacher at Miguel Juarez Middle School. Elvia Uriostegui is a 6th and 7th [...]

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Empowering Students Through Writing

Explore learning units, resources, and suggestions for shifting toward a student-centered middle school writing curriculum and learn strategies to become a more effective writing teacher. Empower students by developing a language arts curriculum that focuses on student choice [...]

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Bringing Gamification to the Middle School Classroom

Unlock the potential of gamification for learning. Explore how teachers can foster collaboration, provide choice, and increase student motivation through a gamified experience that includes Quests, Badges, XP, Boss Battles, and Easter Eggs! View the presentation Jessica Weibler [...]

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