Night School Intervention, and Why We Will Continue Post Pandemic

Participants at this year’s AIMS Summer Splash event were able to hear from Allan Davenport along with Mike Yadgir and Molly Larson. Their presentation focused on the creative solution Granger Middle School implemented to support remote learners during this difficult time. Read more about their presentation and view their slides below:

During Covid, we had to develop a plan to address those students who were finding it difficult to adjust to remote learning. Additionally, these are the same students who had a large number of absences and were not engaged in their work. Out of this, came our idea for “Night School.” Learn how we implemented our Night School Intervention and find out why we are going to continue with Night School beyond Covid.

To view the presentation, click HERE.

Allan Davenport is the principal of Granger Middle School with the Indian Prairie School District 204. Prior to his time at Granger, Allan served IPSD as the Director of Innovation and Learning where he led the largest 1:1 implementation in the State of Illinois. Allan has also served the district as the principal of both Crone and Hill Middle Schools in District 204. In addition to his principal position, Allan also consults in the areas of Leadership, Innovation, Personalized Learning and School Climate and Culture.