Teachers as Lead Digital Citizens

In July, Beth Rihtar shared her knowledge as an instructional technology coordinator with AIMS members around the state with her presentation on teachers as lead digital citizens. Below you’ll find a preview of Beth’s presentation along with a link to access the materials she used. Take some time to review Beth’s presentation and reflect on your own digital citizenship!

In this past year (and past 5-10 years) we’ve learned a lot about incorporating technology into our classrooms. Are we modeling the best digital citizenship habits to our students and school community? In this session we’ll talk about good habits of effective communication; how to be a creator, not just a consumer of digital resources; and modeling good digital citizenship habits. Let’s ELEVATE some of the habits that we’ve adopted and CULTIVATE better habits to be the best lead digital citizens we can be!

To access Beth Rihtar’s presentation, click HERE.

Beth is an experienced instructional technology coach who is passionate about collaboration and injecting creativity into teaching and learning. A veteran teacher, she moved to Illinois from Indiana, and began refining her coaching and tech integration skills.

Beth is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Teacher Leader program and plays bass for the Northwest Symphony Orchestra.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bethrihtar

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